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BloodSecurity International


"BloodSecurity International"

Pawned By 124UX14 

We are BloodSec  International

Message for Admin :

Your Server Security System Break by "124UX14".
Don't Worry I'm Here To Help You
Your Database is 100% Safe.
Well Your Site Has Huge Bug.
Update Your Server Hurry
Find System Bug And Fix it.ASAP.
Other Wise................
Bad Guys Can Crash Your Database.
"124UX14" Will Come Again To Test Security.
Next Time I Won't Show Any Marchy.
Mind It What I am saying.............
And Don't forget that................
Who am I
I am "124UX14" of BloodSec International
Remember the name
Best of Luck for you


We are  BloodSec  International

At first
I Want To Give My All Greets To My "BSH Family"
I Am "124UX14"
Your Website Security Has Been Compromised!
I Will Never Forget Those Names Who Make This Platforme To Me.
I Love My BSH Family More Than My Self Who Helped Me A Lot.
I Hack To Learn.
Not For Crime.
I Love philippines So Much
And I fell proud to be a Filipino.

.::WE ARE::.  

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