2015 Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Recognition Dinner

Rev Drew Goodson = 2015 Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Recognition Dinner

Reverend Drew Goodson Christ Lutheran Church delivered the invocation

CROP Walk recruiters, walkers and volunteers gathered in Broach Hall at St. John’s Baptist Church on Tuesday evening January 12th for the 2015 Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Recognition Dinner.     Maureen O’Boyle, WBTV News Anchor and loyal CROP Walker, emceed the event with approximately 80 people attending.


Rev. Bobby Morrow - Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Recognition Dinner

Reverend Bobby Morrow, Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, spoke about community, service and stewardship.

The featured speaker for the program was Reverend Bobby Morrow of Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, which has supported the Charlotte CROP Walk as both a sponsor and participating congregation for many years.  He spoke about why community, service and stewardship are important to all of us regardless of the house of faith we attend, where we are from or how old we are. Reverend Barbara Thomas, Church World Service representative, provided an update on the work supported through the past year with funds from the Charlotte walk.


Reverend Barbara Thomas - 2015 Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk Recognition Dinner

Reverend Barbara Thomas, Church World Service, spoke about how the crop funds are used.

The dinner recognizes the achievements of the top individuals, businesses, organizations and houses of faith.  This year, 24 individuals each raised over $1000 through their participation in the walk.  Also, 15 houses of faith, 2 schools and 2 corporates also received recognition for their effort.



Presentation of Awards

New Participant Award

Three annual awards are presented each year at the Recognition Dinner.  The “New Participant” Award recognizes outstanding enthusiasm by a new walk participant or volunteer.  These individuals have offered countless hours before, during and after the Walk.  They are instrumental in continuing the success of the walk.  This award is presented to someone who leaped in head first to help make the 2015 Charlotte CROP Walk a phenomenal experience. This year’s New Participant Award goes to Denise Williams.  Denise is not new to CROP but is new to the Recruitment Team.  In this role, she went above and beyond in connecting to non-participating churches.  She carried the word about CROP to 13 new organizations while continuing to be active in her own church.


Weenie Daniel Award

The “Weenie Daniel” Award is one of the Charlotte’s CROP Hunger Walk’s most distinguished awards.  It is given in honor of Frances “Weenie” Daniel who was the Church World Service/CROP Organizer in Charlotte for over 15 years.  It is meant to honor exceptional individuals who best exemplify her enduring, selfless commitment and service to the Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk.    This year’s winner of the Weenie Daniels Award is Ronnie Bradley. Ronnie has been a dedicated advocate for CROP for many, many years, facilitating both a team and sponsorship from Siemens Energy.  He has made sure that CROP is known throughout the Siemens plant and encourages donations vigorously.  He is also a CROP supporter and advocate at his church.


Sam Ryburn Walker Award

The “Sam Ryburn Walker” Award is very special to the Charlotte’s CROP Hunger Walk.  It was started in 1994 to honor Charlottean Sam Ryburn, who for many years, until his death in 2000, was the nation’s highest CROP WALKER fund raiser.  He inspired school children, adults and thousands of walkers each year to reflect on the CROP mission and make a special effort to fight hunger in our community and around the world.  Sam continues to support the CROP Walk today through a special trust managed by the Kiwanis Club of Charlotte.    The Sam Ryburn Walker Award is given in recognition of the individual who has shown extraordinary spirit and dedication to inspire others in the fight against hunger.  This is an encore award for this year’s winner. Jane Taylor first received the Sam Ryburn Award in 2005.  She inspired us then and continues to set the bar on believing, supporting and walking the mission of the CROP Hunger Walk.  There is no better advocate for the CROP Walk and for people in need in the Charlotte community than Jane Taylor.


In Memory of Gil Wilson

Gil Wilson

Gil Wilson was a special friend to everyone on the Planning Team and the entire Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk organization.

The final recognition of the evening was a very special one.  The CROP Walk Planning Team lost one of its own when Gil Wilson, a retired minister and a tireless CROP advocate died unexpectedly shortly after the Walk.  He was a special friend to everyone on the Planning Team and the entire Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk organization.  Gil was one of the individuals who raised over $1000 and continues to raise money for CROP.  Gil was a beekeeper.  His hives were recently purchased by the Mecklenburg County Beekeepers Association.  Gil’s widow, Leslie, donated the money to the CROP Walk.  Rest in peace, Gil Wilson.  You are deeply missed.

Thank You to Nothing but Noodles - 2015 Recognition Dinner



Pictures of the 37th Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk

Check out the photo albums!  Over 300 images of some of Charlotte’s finest people!  Thank you, again, for being a part of the 37th Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk.  We made some great memories!