Help Charlotte CROP Stop Hunger Walk

Charlotte Celebrates 36 years of fighting hunger and poverty!

1946 – Church World Service began with 17 denominations working together to fight hunger.

1947 – CROP (Christian Rural Oversees Program) was begun by Christian clergy and laypeople (farmers) as a way to send seed, grain and livestock to war-torn Europe.

1955 – Church World Service and CROP merged.

1969 – The first CROP Hunger Walk began on October 17th in Bismark, ND, raising $25,000 with a thousand people walking 25 miles.

1978 – The first Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk raised over $19,000 with several hundred walkers.

1988 – The Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk had grown to over 7,500 walkers and raised almost $215,000 adding Second Harvest Food Bank as a recipient of CROP Hunger Walk grant money.

1991 – By 1991 the Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk had raised over $1 million to feed the hungry.

2004 – Approximately 11,000 walkers participated in the Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk and raised $266,434.97. The Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk topped $5 million dollars in funds raised since 1978 to stop hunger.

2005 – An estimated 6,000 walkers took part, raising over $260,000 to help fight hunger and address hunger-related issues in the 27th Annual Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk.

2007 – Over $279,000 was raised to feed the hungry in Charlotte and around the world!

2008 – The Charlotte Crop Hunger Walk celebrates 30 years of walking together to fight hunger, raising $230,000.

2009 – Approximately 5,000 walkers participated in the Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk raising over $264,000 to fight hunger.

2010 – The final report on funds raised totaled $252,781.

2011 – Individual walkers and walk teams raised $293,694 to help end hunger.

2012 – One of our best fund-raising year’s to-date, the walk raised $314,979 to eradicate hunger for those in need.

2013 – Over 5200 walkers raised over $323,000 to fight hunger locally and abroad.

2014 – Walkers raised over $290,000 to bring the 37 year total to almost $8 million including $2 million to fight hunger in the Charlotte community.

The Charlotte CROP Hunger Walk continues to be the most successful walk in the world thanks to your efforts!